A new career choice can be like a fresh breath of air in your life. We proudly present The New Contrology Teacher Training Program in Finland.

The kick off for Finland’s first Original Pilates Teacher Training Program was in September 2017. The Pilates method was created by Joseph Pilates and originally called Contrology. Contrology is a fitness training method that stretches and strengthens the body simultaneously. This unique system is based on specific exercises on a mat and apparatus, using a combination of body weight, gravity and spring resistance. When done correctly – Contrology will guarantee incredible results for everyone. Joseph Pilates spent decades perfecting this method and now you have the unique opportunity to study this highly popular Original style of Pilates in Helsinki, Finland.

We warmly welcome anyone interested in the original method of Pilates to the training program. Participating in our training program will change your body and your whole life. Not only is it a career decision, but also a lifestyle choice to greatly improve your and your clientele’s physical and mental health. Previous experience is not required since your studies will be tailored according to your specific needs. However, if you do have previous training, we promise that our training will deepen your understanding and help you grow your business.

Contrology training will help you understand and use Pilates as a method in the highly effective and systematic way that Joseph Pilates originally designed.

During this unique training you will not only learn the actual exercises on all the apparatus that Joe designed, but you will also learn why we do not change the exercises, and why and when we have to follow a specific sequence. Furthermore, you will learn what exercises to choose for your clients and why.

This program is very different from other teacher training programs in Finland. We are dedicated to the original method of Pilates and have created a program that is very accessible to different levels of students and teachers within Scandinavia and the Baltic area, also for those who do have a regular day job. It is easy to travel to Helsinki and the workshops will be organized during weekends. Skype-lessons are available also.

This program is directed by trainers who have been studying and teaching Joe’s Original Method in The United States and around the World for several years with teachers from the best teacher training schools available, including The Pilates Center, Boulder, Colorado and Vintage Pilates, LA California.

Contrology was originally designed to be taught based on individual bodies’ needs and we want to respect this principle in the training, which is why we accept only a limited number of participants to study with us. This allows you to get a lot of one-on-one time with the trainers. We sincerely want you to succeed in your future career.

Please submit your brief application to and tell us why you would like to participate in the training.

We look forward to hearing from you!

Pricing / Schedule

The training is divided to two levels:

Basic Level Contrology Graduate Program

  • Location: Pilates Circle -studio in Helsinki
  • 2017 – November 24, and December 15
  • 2018 – January 19, February 16, March 16, April 13, and  May 18
  • Other hours include: teaching clinics, practise tests, trainee classes, Independent practise, observation and practise teaching according to individual study plan.

Price 3 400 € (incl. VAT 24 %)

Intermediate Level Contrology Graduate Program

  • Location: Pilates Circle -studio in Helsinki
  • Times: Fall 2018
  • Other hours include: teaching clinics, practise tests, trainee classes, Independent practise, observation and practise teaching according to individual study plan.

Price 6 600 € (incl. VAT 24 % and fee for Basic Level)

Head Instructors

Nina Saarinen is an Advanced and Master -level trainer from the world-renowned The Pilates Center Teacher Training Program in Boulder Colorado. She has studied  and taught pilates at various studios around the world. After moving back to Finland, Nina soon realised she could not teach the original method of Pilates anywhere and there were no studios available with the original Gratz apparatus. And so, in 2012, she founded the first Pilates Studio that is dedicated to sharing the original Pilates in Helsinki. Nina has participated in several international Pilates conferences and workshops and continues to study with the best teachers available, including Vintage Pilates studio’s workshops around the world. Nina is fascinated by Joe Pilates’ wisdom; how he understood the way the body can strengthen and repair itself through movement and as the famous Joe quote says – how physical fitness is a requisite to happiness. Nina’s favourite apparatuses are the Guillotine and the Neck Stretcher.

Saara Wacklin completed her year-long, vigorous Pilates Technique Certification program with Jill Cassady in Los Angeles, California. Saara’s passion for movement and dance led to Pilates, which later became her career. In Los Angeles Saara worked at Classic Pilates Body Studio and further educated herself at Vintage Pilates Studio and also continued learning from world renowned teachers, including Karen Frischman and Chris Robinson. In 2016 Saara returned to her native Finland and since then has continued sharing her knowledge and passion for the original method of Pilates with others. She is constantly inspired by Pilates’ ability to heal and re-educate the body, while giving you a wonderfully sweaty workout! With Pilates learning never ends and there are always new, deeper layers to be found in the method. Saara’s favorite apparatuses are the Reformer, Ladder Barrel, and Arm Chair.

Contrology Workshops

Intro to Contrology

Intro to Contrology workshops are aimed at anyone interested in the Original Pilates Method. The workshops are a great way to get insights into Joseph Pilates’s work on different apparatus.

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